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Noise Rating 4 - Loud Bangs
Safety Distance 25 Metres
Number of Shots 100
Duration 1 Minute
NEQ 912
Hazard Type 1

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They don’t come much more varied in effect than this stunner !! Lasting for around a Minute this superb 100 Shot Battery really is a “Super Show” and includes more effects than you can count on two hands !! Great Value for Money. read more


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The 100 Shot Super Show Battery lasts for a Minute and is full from start to finish of a huge variety of colours and effects. To kick off its fires Red & White Coconut Bursts with Red Tails, followed by Blue Coconuts and Green Glittering and Crackling tails. This is then followed by special Silver Rotating Stars each with Red & Green Stars and Red Tails. A surprise volley of Silver Whistles ensues to add a lovely noise variety, followed by Blue Stars and Brocade Crowns, which again is promptly followed by some wonderful animated Silver Swirls with Faints Whistling Tones, each bursting as their double effects ejects large clouds of Brocades and Crackling Stars…and then to cap it all off (he takes a breath) is a large volley of Golden Glitter Tails Capped with large Crackling Cloud Bursts. Stunning !!

  • Category 3
  • 100 Shots and lasts 1 Minute
  • Huge Variety of Effects and Colours
  • A Truly “Super Show”


  1. Amar

    Had this for a 21st birthday party – great value for money. Lasted over 1 minute and had a lot of variety. Would definitely recommend.

  2. Culdees Castle Estate

    Have not fired the fireworks yet but the service and P&P has been great.

  3. Ken Pink


  4. aaron glover

    great for a final good Silver Rotating Stars and best the price for this

  5. Csaba Pargariu

    I can only recommend this product… it is amazing! 🙂 You should really stand back more than 8 meters though as this is not an amateur fireworks set, I would call it a professional one and it works at greater hights, so to fully enjoy it, you should stand back more than 8 meters. (the suggestion is 25 meters)

    Regarding the staff I only have great words for them as well as I have been given an extra hour after their innitial closing time as due to my work, I wasn’t able to pick up the item during the normal opening times. Brilliant team, great products!

    I would also like to add that I’m not too fond of giving feedback… I am making an exception in this case as these guys definitely deserve it.

  6. Jeremy Spencer

    A perfect end to a perfect day, sitting on the back of her new Discovery watching a great display. Worth every penny and some. Thank you.

  7. Stephen

    Great display, good height, and lots of effects.

  8. Trevor T.

    Easy to use and set up. One match and the box of tricks does the rest. Impressive range of bangs, flashes and whistles.

  9. O Ackland

    Great quality and duration. A real sellers item. People ring and ask for it by name and it’s one of the first ones to sell out.

  10. Richard J

    Great show. Lots of variety. Good sound and effects.

  11. Happy Customer

    WOW is the best word to describe this!!

  12. derek

    this is a awesome firework would highly recommend it .saved this 1 for the end and was disappointed .every 1 loved it 1 out of 1

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