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Noise Rating 3 - Some Bangs
Safety Distance 25 Metres
Number of Shots 19
Duration 33
NEQ 380
Hazard Type 1

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New for 2013. Putting it simply this cake is HUGE !! it’s MASSIVE !! it’s ENORMOUS!! and any other expletive you can think of to basically get across the message that the bursts are just “SO BIG”!!! read more


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This 30mm Calibre Firework is packed to the Gunnels with Powder. It’s stunning to watch and the bursts are both “Loud and Big”.The effect which is a wonderful Crackling Chrysanthemum is one of our “Favourites”. Each shot consists of a Bright Comet that hurtles skyward leaving a Long Dusty trail of stars and then Bursts into a set of 8 Palm Fronds…Hence where the name comes from. These Fronds travel slowly outward, Crackling and Splintering as they go. It has a final Hit of 3 shots fired simultaneously and these all have the additional extra of “Crackling Mines” beneath them to give impact to the finale. This is a Traditional Firework on “Steroids”….just so much better than it’s rivals out there!!!

  • Large Effects
  • 30mm Calibre
  • CE Marked Category 3
  • Traditional Effects “Improved”
  • Great Value

4 reviews for 19s SILVER COCO TO RED (CE CAT 3)

  1. Paul hallett

    Impressive box

  2. aaron glover

    the firework is good the tails looks like they are coming down like a weeping willow tree what i think makes this firework

  3. Chris Bagley

    Short but sweet – big visuals and good value.

  4. Shop Reseller in London

    To be honest that is about the biggest 19s cake burst I have ever seen…keep up the good work guys !!

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