Noise Rating 4 - Loud Bangs
Safety Distance 25 Metres
Number of Shots 49
Duration 25 secs
NEQ 814
Hazard Type 1

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If you want “Loud Bangs and Colour”. This is the firework for you!!! It has an absolutely jaw dropping performance and is a huge addition to any show. Used regularly in our ‘Pro Shows’ it will not disappoint. ‘Z’ firing, leaves huge bursts across a wide horizon – so beware it also needs some width to.. read more


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Imagine fires 49 Huge shots in a “Fanned Formation” from 30mm tubes. Rising Stars of Vivid Red, Vivid Green, Vivid Yellow, and Vivid Purple each Bursting with an “Almighty Bang” into Spectacular Peonies that fill the sky with Colour. Just like you would see at a “Professional Show”!!! The exciting oscillating ‘Z’ fire shapes means that the effects sweep back and forth across the horizon, giving a very wide spread of the effects and a really exciting firing pace.

  • Loud Bangs
  • Vivid Colours
  • Fanned Formation with ‘Z’ Fire
  • Category 3
  • 25 metres viewing distance


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