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New for 2013. Another 49 shot Spectacular Firework from Jorge. “Huge Golden Spiders” and “Plenty of Noise” !!! read more


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The overwhelming reaction to this Firework when we first tested it was….”WOW” !!! this is “SO BIG” !!! In fact we thought we were watching 2″ shells the Bursts were so Impressive!!! To explain, Sajgon fires 49 x 30mm shots high into the sky, each one breaking with a “Loud Bang” into a “Golden Crackling Spider” that fills the sky with Crackling Gold and Loud Reports!!! If you like noise you will love this one!!!

  • Loud Bangs
  • Spectacular Crackling Spiders
  • 49 “Big”shots
  • Category 3
  • 25 metre viewing distance

2 reviews for 49s SAJGON BIG CRACKER PRO CAKE (CE CAT 3)

  1. J Matthews

    Excellent, fast service and delivery and wow! what fireworks … I will be 1% be buying again and would highly recommend instead of supermarket variety boxes … a totally different class of firework !!

  2. Chris Bagley

    If you want to impress then this one is a must – trust me it is awesome and well worth the price – the explosions are huge..!

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