Celestial Party Display Pack (DK-NYA)

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Noise Rating3 - Some Bangs
Safety Distance8 Meters
Number of ShotsLots
Duration10 Minutes Approx.
Celestial Party Display Pack

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The perfect combination of ease of use and superb, exciting effects. The Celestial Display Pack consists of 11 Top Quality Star Performers, all well reviewed and noted for their individual performances. All Pre-Packed for you and offers further savings, not only on the RRP, but also the individual price on our website. read more


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This package normally prices at well over £100.00 RRP, and you can but the items individually in our online shop for a little over £86.00, or you can save a further £11.00 and but the pre packed Ki at just £75.00 This great mixture of easy to use barrages and rockets, including port fires and launch tubes consist of -

Portfires & Launchers 16s Mars Battery 12s Solaris Battery Macrocosmos 3 25s X-Ray 150s Batman Barrage Orion Rocket Pack Extreme Rocket Pack Imagine Rocket Pack x 2

  • Suitable for the Family
  • Ideal for Garden Parties
  • Includes Rockets and Batteries
  • Launchers and Portfires
  • Easy to Use and Spectacular

Customer reviews

Made my daughter happy on her 21st birthday party

Saff Ellerby on 25th December 2015

This pack would be fantastic if the rockets lived up to the cakes! I feel it would be better to have fewer and better rockets - the ones supplied became an embarrassment - we resorted to letting off multiples to try and get rid of them! The cakes however were great. To get the next few stars, reduce the number of rockets and make them bigger/better!

Steve C on 16th November 2015

A great pack for a party, great cakes but to be honest the rockets were an embarrassment! They just didn't match up to the quality of the cakes. The rockets were something you'd expect in a £10 garden box from a supermarket. Better to have less but better rockets imho. Good service from Galaxy though.

Steve C on 12th November 2015

hi - i have had fireworks from you before in Sept they exceeded my expectations and everyone was impressed was the talk of the village and we are looking forward to having these on News years eve - good price - excellent customer service - very easy web ordering - what more could a customer want

Best wishes a happy customer

Fiona on 18th December 2014

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