Vanguard Display Pack (KIT007a)

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Noise Rating5 - Mega Loud
Safety Distance25 Meters
Number of ShotsLoads
Duration45 Mins
Vanguard Display Pack

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The Vanguard Display Pack is an incredible selection of the finest display material, included in this kit are some exceptional products from Jorge Fireworks, and with the added discount we've given, you'll save money and not skimp on quality at all. read more


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The Vanguard Pack is the best of the best and the biggest of the biggest. This kit saves a huge amount of money, yet has the finest assortment of the largest and best performers in our range. The pack is aimed at the large organised event and is perfect for large scale bonfire parties and the like. This aerial Kit is rammed with a huge assortment of fireworks, including a large variety of high performance Cat 2 Rockets as well as a great selection of our Large Cat 3 Shell Break Rockets. The Pack also includes some brilliant Roman Candles, including the large bore bombette, 'Hot Balls' Candles AKA Bazooka's along with a wide variety of Barrages. This pack also includes the 100s Terminator Battery and a selection of very impressive 19sh, and 25sh Display Barrages, as well as the incredible 61sh Exclusive Collection Finale Battery... which make up some of the finest fireworks we have.

Typically Contains :

X-Ray 25s, Solaris 12s, Macro Cosmos 10s, Mars 16s, Tyrant 25s, Thunder Rain 25s, New Generation 1, Wenus 25s, Batman 150s, 8 x 30mm Hotballs Roman Candles, 2 x Go Go Fountain, 2 x Diamond Fountain, 2 x 13" Large Silver Conic Fountain, 20 x Thunder Rockets, 9 Imagine Rockets, 24 x Nautylus Rockets, 5 Rocket Launchers, 1 x 100sh Terminator Battery, 1 x New Generation 2 19s Salvo, 1 x New Generation 3 19s Salvo, 1 x New Generation 4 19s Salvo, 1 x New Generation 8 19s Salvo, 1 x Silver Coco to Red Chrysanthemum 19s Salvo, 1 x Brocade Crown to Colour Stars 19s, 1 x 25sh Solaris, 1 x 25sh Jupiter, 1 x 25sh Black Cat, 1 x 25sh Horizon, 1 x Exclusive Collection 61sh, 4 x Master Rockets, 4 x Atomic Rockets, 4 x Big Day Rockets, 2 x Large Rocket Launchers, Portfires (33)

You Can download our safety instructions below on this page.

Please Note We always do our best to pre pack as many kits as possible prior to the season, however stock can move and sell out very quickly. In the event that certain products become unavailable in one of our kits we do reserve the right to make suitable substitutions for an item(s) of at least the same RRP (Normal Retail Value) and of a similar type and/or effect.

  • CE Marked (CAT 3) Display Products
  • Our largest Pack
  • 1 x 100sh Terminator Battery
  • Firing Order available (download below)
  • A selection of 'Mighty' Barrage Fireworks
  • The Incredible 61sh Exclusive Collection - a very special firework
  • Packed and ready to deliver quickly

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Ken Pink on 22nd October 2019

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