Vanguard Display Pack (GF-KIT007-23)

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Noise Rating 5 - Mega Loud
Safety Distance 25 Metres
Number of Shots Loads
Duration 45 Mins
NEQ 12000
Hazard Type 1

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The Vanguard Display Pack is an incredible selection of the finest display material, included in this kit are some exceptional products from Jorge Fireworks and Vulcan Pyrotechnics, and with the added discount we’ve given, you’ll save money and not skimp on quality at all. read more

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The Vanguard Pack is the best of the best and the biggest of the biggest (well almost). This kit saves a huge amount of money, yet has the finest assortment of the largest and best performers in our range. The pack is aimed at the large organised event and is perfect for large scale bonfire parties and the like. This aerial Kit is rammed with a huge assortment of fireworks, including a large variety of high performance Cat 2 & Cat 3 Rockets, plus some stocking Barrages in large calibres, large fanned calibre cakes and a Gold Diggers Finale Compound Cake..

16s Solaris
36s Galeon Crossette Cake
16s STYX Battery
61s THOR Whistle Battery
10s Yin Yang Battery
7s Hi-Tec,
13s Bora Bora
25s X-Ray Battery
100s Saturn Missiles 100s Battery
19s Copernicus Barrage
4 x Large Cosmic Adventure Rockets
4 x Huge Midnight Finale Rockets
10 x Tequila Vulcan 65mm Ball-head Rockets
12 x Top 10 Rockets
10 x Calavera Vulcan Rocket
2 x Atomium 19s Cake Battery
1 x Taj Mahal 19s Cake Battery
2 x Peace Palace Cake Battery
1 x Acropolis 25s Cake Battery
1 x Big Ben 25s Cake Battery
1 x Colosseum 25s Cake Battery
1 x Sydney Harbour Bridge 25s Cake Battery
1 x Great Wall of China 25s Battery
1 x 36s Kremlin Cake Battery
3 x 14mm 96 shot Mighty Candle Barrage I
3 x 14mm 128 shot Large Candle Barrage II
2 x 12mm 90 shot Candle Barrage III
1 x 7x18mm Vulcan whistle Bundle
1 x 7x18mm Vulcan Red, White, Blue and crackle Bundle
3 x 36 Shot Fury Cake Batteries by Vulcan
1 X 25s Apocolypto Battery
1 X 25s Magma Battery
1 X 25s Great Zorba Battery
1 X 25s Malachit Battery
1 x 80s Gold Genesis Finale Compound Cake
Portfires & Rocket Launcher

Please Note We always do our best to pre pack as many kits as possible prior to the season, however stock can move and sell out very quickly. In the event that certain products become unavailable in one of our kits we do reserve the right to make suitable substitutions for an item(s) of at least the same RRP (Normal Retail Value) and of a similar type and/or effect. needs a new image 20/8/23

  • CE Marked (CAT 3) Display Products
  • Candle Barrages, Large Calibre Barrages and Finale 100s Compound Cake
  • Huge Rockets to Start and Finish the Show
  • A selection of ‘Mighty’ Barrage Fireworks, including 12s Fanned Finales
  • Packed and ready to deliver quickly

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