3. Cake Barrages

The most versatile of all fireworks, used by the professionals in many of their shows, easy to use, a very broad range of effects and a big variety of prices. Cakes are super Fireworks and Offer great flexibility and power… even the smaller Category 2 Products are very powerful and can be used to entertain hundreds and thousands of spectators.
Fused clusters of one shot Roman Candles make a Cake and one of the best attributes of a cake is the variety of effects available. Noises effects, colour bursts, quiet effects or a mixture of all of them in nearly infinite variety. Costing from just a few pounds up to and well over a hundred, we have lots to choose from. Every imaginable colour, noise and effects are included across our range, for the larger ones please see either our “Pro Range’ Section or “Single Ignition” Section… read more