10. Discounted Display Packs

Save time and money and get the best deal on your Fireworks – Buy a Hand Picked DIY Firework Display Pack. Its the best way to get a diverse selection of Fireworks, we sell Rocket Selections, Cake Selections, Mixed Selection containing everything and also Ground Fireworks & Set Pieces as Selections to. Its like the ultimate Pick and Mix of Fireworks
From the Nebula Selection to the Enormous Vanguard Kit, our pre packed selections are chosen from our UK stock and packed in our own warehouses with two things in mind..This year we’ve introduced a new selection of various Cake Packs, Rocket Packs & Ground Based Firework Packs so you can choose your own mixtures to suit your budget or own requirements. We often find that some customers like our Pre Made Kits which consist of a wide variety of Fireworks, where as others prefer to leave out Rockets or Ground Based Fireworks, so choosing our Firework Packs is the best way to do that… It saves you time choosing and it also save money with a large saving over RRP’s and also additional savings if you bought the items singularly from our range of products at discounted prices. read more