Ready for Bonfire Night 2019? Our last-minute tips for a spectacular (and safe) evening

Fireworks – check. Wood for the bonfire – check. Hot chocolate – check. If you’re in charge of festivities for fireworks night 2019, you’re very nearly ready for an epic evening. But to make sure everything goes smoothly, safely and spectacularly, there are a final few things to add to your list. Here’s our guide […]

1st Galaxy Fireworks wins the British Firework Championships 2019!

Big news! We’re delighted to reveal that our dedicated pyrotechnics team have taken home the top prize at the British Firework Championships 2019, which was held in Plymouth on 14th and 15th August. We battled it out against three other incredible teams, among them some of the best in the country. With such tough competition, […]

Can fireworks ever look good in the daytime?

Fireworks look incredible against the backdrop of a dark night sky. The colours and lights stand out beautifully, and you can see every star, sparkle and detail. But what about in the daytime – is it possible for fireworks to look great in daylight, or is it a waste of money? Reasons to have daytime […]

5 of the best quiet fireworks

If you’re having a little celebration, or you just want to avoid annoying the neighbours, quiet fireworks are a good bet. Some types can also be used for special effects, to make a splash at corporate events like product launches, awards ceremonies and presentations. But how do you know which are the quiet fireworks? For […]

DIY vs. professional wedding fireworks – how to make the best choice for your big day

Weddings can be expensive, no matter how hard you try to keep costs down. One of the most popular ways to save money is to handle some parts of the planning yourselves. But does this DIY approach work for your wedding fireworks?  Let’s take a look at a few of the key things to consider […]

Powerful fireworks and fallout zones – 6 tips for display organisers

Planning something really big for your next fireworks display? If you want to bring out the big rockets and powerful pyrotechnics, you’ll need to do a little extra planning. This is to firstly ensure you can carry out the display safely, but also so that your fireworks make maximum impact. Here are 6 of the […]

How to spring a fireworks surprise

Want to throw a surprise fireworks display for a loved one? This can be a memorable way to pop the question, celebrate a wedding or simply give the gift of an amazing experience. We’ve got all the tips you need to plan your surprise, keep it secret and make it truly special. Check that the […]

Firework waterfalls – how are they created?

A cascading waterfall of sparks and colours is one of the most mesmerising fireworks effects you’ll ever see. For some people, it’s even more impressive than a massive rocket exploding high in the sky. But how are waterfall firework effects actually created? The first thing to note is that this effect is one best left […]

10 things you absolutely need to know if you’re planning wedding fireworks

Having fireworks at your wedding? Excellent choice, as fireworks are the perfect way to top off an amazing day. If you’re in the middle of wedding planning chaos though, you’re going to need to get up to speed fast if you want to plan an epic display. To help, here are the 10 things you […]

8 tips to help you snap the perfect NYE fireworks pic on your phone

When those fireworks go off at midnight on 31st December, phones and cameras throughout the UK will be snapping away trying to capture the moment. Unfortunately, many attempts to capture this special, magical moment come out as indistinct blurs. This is because fireworks are notoriously difficult to photograph. They travel extremely fast through the sky […]