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Can fireworks ever look good in the daytime?

Fireworks look incredible against the backdrop of a dark night sky. The colours and lights stand out beautifully, and you can see every star, sparkle and detail. But what about in the daytime – is it possible for fireworks to look great in daylight, or is it a waste of money?

Reasons to have daytime fireworks displays

There are lots of reasons why you may want or need to have a fireworks display in the day. In fact, there is a surprising demand for daytime displays.

Daytime fireworks are often used for corporate events, parties and product launches, as well as part of sporting celebrations – set off as the winners cross the finish line or take to the podium. You’ll also find them at fetes, fairs and community events, as well as weddings.

You may find that you have no choice but to set off your fireworks before it goes properly dark. A prime example of this is at the height of summer, where sunset isn’t until after 9pm or even later. If you’re planning a wedding or party at this time of year, you’ll need to be very mindful of both sunset times and local authority rules about setting off fireworks.

Family-friendly events may need to have their fireworks display earlier, before the kids go to bed. Meanwhile, other kinds of celebrations may need to start earlier due to concerns over upsetting neighbouring properties.

Special types of daytime fireworks

If you’re planning a daylight display, there’s good news. There’s a small but growing category of fireworks that are specially designed to be used in the daylight. These products focus on creating striking colour and a range of brilliant effects that don’t require the dark of the evening to really shine.

These fireworks can even be combined with other effects such as confetti projectors or mines and smoke fountains – all to create a surprisingly exciting daytime show.

Daytime displays can also be said to have one advantage over night-time shows, and this is the element of surprise. No one will be expecting pyrotechnics before it gets dark, so you can really pull off a spectacular surprise!

For an effective day display, call in the experts

While specialist daylight fireworks do exist, it can be difficult to pull off an amazing display without the contrast of the dark sky to play off. This is why it could be a good idea to call in the professionals, especially if you’re planning a corporate event that needs to impress.

Display experts such as the 1st Galaxy Fireworks team have ample experience in all kinds of displays, from large to small, day to night. They can help you to choose the right products, combine effects and produce a jaw-dropping daytime display that really is worth the money. Even better, they’ll clean everything up for you once it’s all over. You never know, daytime fireworks could really start to catch on!

To find out more about fireworks display planning with 1st Galaxy, get in touch.

5 of the best quiet fireworks

If you’re having a little celebration, or you just want to avoid annoying the neighbours, quiet fireworks are a good bet. Some types can also be used for special effects, to make a splash at corporate events like product launches, awards ceremonies and presentations.

But how do you know which are the quiet fireworks? For starters, all fireworks should have a decibel rating. When you shop with a specialist like 1st Galaxy Fireworks, you’ll also find another noise rating from 1 (Low Noise) all the way through to 5 (Mega Loud). This makes it easier to identify the low noise pyrotechnics.

Here’s our pick of 5 of the best quiet fireworks for all kinds of occasions:

  1. Topaz Fanned Falling Leaves Battery

This is one of the prettiest low noise fireworks, perfect for displays in larger back gardens in residential or built-up areas. This pack gives you 49 shots of coloured stars which drift gently down to earth. These Category 3 fireworks are rated 1 – Low Noise, giving you a sky full of green and red fan-shape stars to complement the rest of your display.

  1. Mixed Smoke Fountains

If you’re looking for a really different effect for your wedding photographs, why not try a smoke fountain? This pack of five colours – red, orange, blue, green and orange – is low noise and lasts around 40 seconds. It can be used for all kinds of occasions, from parties and music videos to big events.

  1. Strobe Bengal Fountain

This fascinating firework creates a super bright silver strobing effect as it burns, which illuminates the surroundings in a ‘spooky’ light. Needless to say, this is a perfect choice for Halloween. Each of this pack of 3 low-noise special effects lasts a full minute, so it’s a good value product. You’ll need to leave a safety distance of 8 metres between the firework and your spectator.

  1. Ice Fountains

Ice fountains are the perfect way to add some theatre and sparkle to that exciting moment the birthday cake is brought into the room at a party. The lights go down, everyone starts singing, but instead of candles – the cake is alight with fireworks!  These Category 1 fireworks are safe to use indoors, you just need to leave a safety distance of 1 metre. They are often used for birthdays, anniversaries and in restaurants and bars too.

  1. Roman Candles

This type of firework has been popular for centuries, and it’s great for all kinds of occasions. Choose this multi-shot pack of candles (4 x 10 shot) and get ready for colourful shells popping out of the tube one after another, with a delightfully suspenseful pause in between each one. These are Category 2 fireworks which only need a safety distance of around 8 metres, which makes them perfect for back garden displays. They offer a good height, great effects and hardly any noise – so your neighbours and their pets will be happy!

If you need any help choosing quiet fireworks, feel free to get in touch with the 1st Galaxy team for friendly, expert advice.

Firework waterfalls – how are they created?

A cascading waterfall of sparks and colours is one of the most mesmerising fireworks effects you’ll ever see. For some people, it’s even more impressive than a massive rocket exploding high in the sky. But how are waterfall firework effects actually created?

The first thing to note is that this effect is one best left to the experts. Products offering a cascade effect are available to buy for home displays, but a full waterfall takes experience, skill and the right equipment to get it set up right – and safely.

But for fireworks fans, here’s how a waterfall is made…

What waterfall fireworks look like

The waterfall effect is created when many shells are fired at exactly the same time and angle. They feature heavy, long-burning tailed stars that only travel a very short distance before they start to fall to the ground. This is what creates the waterfall effect, as the tails of the shell start to free-fall and arc gracefully towards the ground.

You’ll see individual fireworks – often called horsetail effect fireworks – used in displays. They create beautiful shapes as the shell arcs and starts to fall, leaving a trail of stars in the sky. However, it’s when they’re used in large numbers and close together that a waterfall effect is created.

‘Hanging’ a waterfall effect

What makes waterfall fireworks so incredibly effective is the way they are ‘hung’ from some sort of structure. Display organisers often use bridges, walls or other built structures for waterfall effects, particularly for special occasions like New Year’s Eve.

It’s also possible to construct your own hanging arrangement using specialist materials, so you can start your waterfall from anywhere. For example, you may want to hang your waterfall construction over a sports field ready for a big game, or to create a backdrop for a festival. There are lots of different create ways you can use waterfall effects, they all require quite a bit of planning but it’s always well worth it.

What kinds of fireworks are used in a waterfall?

In most waterfall displays, the organiser will choose a very slow burning fountain-type firework. This is fired upside-down from an elevated position, creating bright sparks which fall just like a waterfall.

A lot of careful planning has to be done to create just the right effect, and the composition of the firework has to be just right so that the tail of stars arcs and falls in just the right place. Many experts will create their own composition of fireworks to get the effect spot on, depending on the site and type of waterfall. Of course, this is not safe to do yourself and only suitable for the experts.

Love the idea of a waterfall at your next big event?

Contact the 1st Galaxy team to start planning – they’ve created jaw-dropping waterfalls in all kinds of colours for weddings, corporate events, birthdays and other celebrations. Call us on 0115 8559000 or contact us online to discuss your event.

10 things you absolutely need to know if you’re planning wedding fireworks

Having fireworks at your wedding? Excellent choice, as fireworks are the perfect way to top off an amazing day. If you’re in the middle of wedding planning chaos though, you’re going to need to get up to speed fast if you want to plan an epic display.

To help, here are the 10 things you absolutely must know if you’re planning wedding fireworks:

  1. You need a venue that allows fireworks

Before you do anything else, check with your wedding venue that they allow fireworks. Not all do, or some may place restrictions on their use (more on this below).

  1. Your site needs to be the right dimensions

If you’re planning on setting off fireworks, you need a display site that is large enough to keep a safe distance between spectators and the ‘firing zone’. A site that is 50m x 25m should be adequate, keeping your guests around 50-75m away from the fireworks. Don’t forget to look up, as some fireworks can reach heights of 100m – so you don’t want any overhead power cables or trees in the way!

  1. It’s against the law to set fireworks off after 11pm

You’ll need to factor this in when planning the schedule of the day. It can be tricky for summer weddings to find a time when it’s dark enough, but don’t leave it too late. You don’t want to upset the venue, the local authority and other guests.

  1. It absolutely makes sense to use a professional display organiser

Using a professional team will mean you get the very best professional display, where you don’t have to worry about a single detail. Everyone can enjoy a drink and relax while a crew like 1st Galaxy Fireworks handles every part of the planning, firing and tidying up.

  1. You can get a professional display from as little as £600

It isn’t actually that expensive to get a professional display, and it is well worth it. Choose an off-peak time (i.e. midweek) and 1st Galaxy Fireworks can offer a fabulous wedding package for just £500 plus VAT.

  1. If the venue doesn’t allow fireworks, consider quiet fireworks

One of the benefits of using professionals is that they can liaise with the venue on your behalf. If the venue initially says no to fireworks, you may be able to compromise with special quiet category fireworks which won’t create as much disturbance.

  1. Fireworks display packages can be customised

In many cases, you can add personalised touches to wedding fireworks packages such as your choice of colours, fire writing and much more. Some extras are even free.

  1. You can even set your fireworks to your favourite song

That’s right, choreographed fireworks perfectly timed to the pacing of the song of your first dance, or the tune that was playing when you first met.

  1. Fireworks displays are best when they last 5-10 minutes

Don’t make the mistake of spending a fortune on a 20 minute plus display. The best displays are much shorter, more dynamic, better paced and crucially, don’t cost the earth.

  1. If you’re doing DIY fireworks, safety is crucial

If you’re planning on running the show yourself and the venue is happy for you to do so, make sure you only buy certified fireworks from a reputable supplier and you follow all safety instructions down to the letter.

8 tips to help you snap the perfect NYE fireworks pic on your phone

When those fireworks go off at midnight on 31st December, phones and cameras throughout the UK will be snapping away trying to capture the moment. Unfortunately, many attempts to capture this special, magical moment come out as indistinct blurs.

This is because fireworks are notoriously difficult to photograph. They travel extremely fast through the sky and it’s this motion along with the lights and colours makes it tricky to get a clear shot. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to splash out a fortune on a professional camera. Simply follow these top tips for snapping amazing Instagram-ready shots of 2018’s NYE fireworks, right from your phone.

  1. Enable HDR

This is the best way to get a great quality fireworks shot, so switch it on if you have it. This is because HDR takes many photographs at different exposures and combines them into a single image for more detail, light trails and more.

  1. Get some people in your shot

This is what sets your fireworks pic apart from all those others you see on Instagram, and what gives you a really memorable shot of a personal moment. If you’re really skilled, you’ll snap a great fireworks selfie this NYE!

  1. Take loads of photos (or cheat and enable Burst mode – on iPhones)

To boost your chances of capturing the perfect shot, it’s a smart idea to take absolutely loads of photos. So that you don’t spend the entire display snapping pictures, you can always enable what on iPhones is called Burst mode (although there are similar functions on other smartphones). This mode means that your camera will take many photos in rapid succession, which is great for moving objects like fireworks. Simply set it to Burst mode and point the camera in the right direction.

  1. Try an app

There are a number of apps out there that can help you to boost the capabilities of your smartphone’s camera. For example, Slow Shutter Cam for iPhones, which lets you take motion blur and light trail photographs.

  1. Get a better camera!

If you’re worried about blurry NYE photos and have been meaning to replace your phone anyway, why not snap up a new one with a great camera in the January sales?

  1. Get a mini tripod

Smartphones come with all sorts of accessories these days, like mini tripods so you don’t have to worry about shaky hands when snapping away. Set up the tripod, set it to record or automatically take photographs and enjoy the show!

  1. Make sure you have enough storage

Before NYE, make sure you clear out enough space for all of those HDR fireworks photos – you don’t want to leave it until the crucial moment and miss everything.

  1. Make sure you enjoy the display

Last of all, make sure you aren’t so caught up in trying to snap the perfect NYE fireworks image that you don’t actually enjoy the show! Do your best to capture the moment, then live it – give your nearest and dearest a squeeze and drink in those lights and colours.

From everyone here at 1st Galaxy Fireworks, have a wonderful, safe and firework-filled New Year’s Eve!

Celebrating Christmas with fireworks? Why not!

This time of year is all about tradition. We all have our own traditions, within families and friendship groups, but there’s one that many people have in common – fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

But are fireworks just for NYE? Have you ever considered giving Christmas itself some extra sparkle with pyrotechnics? This isn’t as unusual as you may think, as lots of people are starting to shake up their Christmas traditions.

Livening up that post-Christmas dinner slump

Some people love it, the time just after dinner when everyone’s had loads of food and drink and we’re all a bit sleepy. For others, the slump around the TV signals the start of the magic and excitement of Christmas being over too soon.

So, here’s an idea. In between the turkey and your Christmas pudding, why not hold a fireworks display in your back garden? It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or expensive (unless you really want to push the boat out), but it could be amazing. A sky full of sparkles and crackles could be just what you need to blow the cobwebs off, and the kids will absolutely love it. This could be your new Christmas tradition.

Christmas eve fireworks

Whether you want to try this one or not very much depends on whether you have children. If you set fireworks off on Christmas eve, when the kids are already the most excited they’ve ever been all year, you will absolutely never get them to go to sleep.

If you don’t have little ones and you’re instead enjoying a Christmas eve gathering with friends, fireworks can be the perfect way to ring in the start of the holidays. Wrap up warm, grab some sparklers and set off a handful of beautiful fireworks. Just make sure you have enough space to keep fireworks away from any spectators and that you don’t set them off too late as to disturb neighbours (see the tip below).

A note about timings for Christmas fireworks

Remember, Christmas isn’t the same as New Year’s Eve when it comes to local authority rules on when you can set fireworks off. NYE gets special treatment as everyone sets fireworks off at the stroke of midnight, to ring in the start of the new year. On this night, you can use fireworks up to 1am.

However, normal rules apply on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. This means you can’t set off fireworks between 11pm and 7am, so make sure you don’t fall foul off the law. It’s also nice to consider the neighbours, who may prefer to have their sleep at Christmas!

Another important thing to remember at this rather boozy time of year is that you shouldn’t go anywhere near fireworks if you’ve had a drink. The person responsible for setting off the fireworks should stay sober, obey all safety instructions and handle fireworks with caution. The last thing anyone wants is a Christmas injury!

If you need help planning your Christmas fireworks, just give the friendly team here at 1st Galaxy Fireworks a call on 0115 8559000.


10 of the best Guy Fawkes Night 2018 fireworks displays around the UK

Not sure where to head for this year’s fireworks night? Here’s our pick of some of the biggest, brightest and best displays around the country, so there’s bound to be something near you.

Nottingham Big City Bonfire – 5th November

Bonfire Night in Nottingham has become a legendary annual event locally, as it features a huge fun fair operated by The Mellors Group who also organise amongst others the famous Nottingham Goose Fair.. 2 Displays and tens of thousands of people fill the City Centre Venue at the Forest Recreation Ground.

Lewes, East Sussex – 5th November

Bonfire Night in Lewes has become a legendary annual event, as it features a wild and dark display of burning effigies, torch-lit processions and plenty of alcohol – all in the name of commemorating the 17 protestant martyrs of the town. It’s not one for children and you will need to be careful, as the Lewes event is not as health and safety conscious as it should be!

Rocket Firework Train, Denbighshire – 3rd November

For something completely unique, hop aboard a train on the rural Llangollen railway line and enjoy an evening journey through an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The destination is Glyndyfrdwy Station, where a magnificent fireworks display will be set off.

Ottery St. Mary, Devon – 5th November

Another weird and wonderful Bonfire Night tradition, in the same vein of the Lewes celebration, is this event in the small town of Ottery St. Mary. Expect the usual bonfire, fireworks display and fairground, but there’s also a procession through the town where participants carry flaming barrels of tar above their heads.

Segedunum Roman Fort, Tyne and Wear – 1st November

This is an enormous fireworks display, one of the biggest in the north of England, held at the Segedunum Roman fort on Hadrian’s Wall.

Kenilworth Castle, Midlands – 3rd November

Held at the historic and resplendent Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire, this is another whopper of a fireworks display. There’s lots going on at this event, from stalls to sideshows, and it’s all in aid of charitable causes too.

Llandudno Bay, North Wales – 27th October

Held a week early due to the tide times, this is an unmissable fireworks display held on North Shore Beach overlooking the bay. It’s a brilliant chance to see the amazing mirror and lighting effects created by holding fireworks displays over water.

River of Light, Liverpool – 4th November

The culmination of the China Dream Season, part of Liverpool’s 2018 cultural programme, the River of Light event features a spectacular musical fireworks display which lights up both sides of the River Mersey. Around 90,000 people are expected to line the banks of the Mersey in both Liverpool and New Brighton in Wirral, enjoying the display along with art installations and other attractions.

South Queensferry, Edinburgh – 3rd November

Against the backdrop of the beautiful Hopetoun House, this fireworks extravaganza is set to be one of the biggest and best to date. Rumour has it that this year’s theme is inspired by the hit film ‘The Greatest Showman’.

Alexandra Palace, London – 2nd and 3rd November

If you’re near the UK capital on Bonfire Night, head to the stunningly-lit Alexandra Palace for the annual display. The popular event also features a funfair, ice skating, laser shows and German Bier Festival.

Of course, if you don’t fancy heading out to an organised display, you can always plan your own fireworks extravaganza. With enough space and close attention to safety information, you can create your own personalised pyrotechnics in your own back garden.

Give the 1st Galaxy Fireworks team a call on 0115 8559000 for advice and browse the website to make your fireworks shopping list. Remember – safety should be your top priority when handling fireworks of any kind, so stay safe this Bonfire Night!

The big dilemma: what to do for Bonfire Night this year

Bonfire Night, or Guy Fawkes Night, is rapidly approaching, so it’s time to start planning your fireworks fun. You may face the same dilemma as you do every year – stay at home and plan your own celebrations, or head out to an organised event. Which to choose?

Here are some pros, cons and things to consider for each to help you decide:

Visiting a local fireworks display

For many people, this is the easiest way to get their fireworks fix on Guy Fawkes Night 2018. You don’t have to worry about any of the planning, safety or logistics, or spend any money on fireworks. You simply need to grab the family and turn up, and you’ll often find other attractions such as food stands and fairgrounds at local displays too. You’ll get the benefit of a professional display, which could be truly spectacular.

Planning your own display

There are many benefits to planning your own fireworks, such as avoiding the crowds and not having to pay an entrance fee. You also won’t have to struggle with finding a place to park if the event is popular.

When you run your own fireworks display, you have complete control. You pick the fireworks you want and have fun creating your own unique display. You can even have a go at setting it to music if you like, although be warned – it’s very tricky!

However, there are a lot of things to consider if you’re running the show yourself, including:

  • Safety – not having a professional running the display means that you will be responsible for the safety of all involved. Fireworks can be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands, so you’ll need to read all the safety instructions in advance and follow them to the letter. Some people find that this can spoil their enjoyment of the evening, as you need to be on duty (and not anywhere near alcohol) at all times.
  • The quality of the display – professional fireworks experts such as the 1st Galaxy team have decades of experience in the art of crafting sensational fireworks displays. An expert knows which fireworks to choose, how to put them together, how to create tension and excitement and can even set them to music.
  • Space – you can only set off fireworks at home if you have enough outdoor space to do it safely. You need to leave the right amount of distance between the ‘firing zone’ and where the spectators will stand, as well as considering where the spent pyrotechnics will fall.
  • Your neighbours. Make sure you inform your neighbours well in advance, or even invite them along. This reduces the chances of annoying them and upsetting their pets!

Remember, if you’re buying your own fireworks – do it right. Only buy from trusted suppliers with certified, safe, quality products such as 1st Galaxy Fireworks. If you need any advice or help from the professionals with planning your display or choosing products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Over 400,000 fireworks launched at Edinburgh Festival closing party

1st galaxy fireworks

If you love your fireworks, you’ll be distraught not to have been in the crowd for the closing party of the incredible Edinburgh International Festival (EIF) – where a whopping 400,000 fireworks were launched into the night sky as part of the Virgin Money Fireworks Concert.

You did read that correctly, organisers fired off no fewer 400,000 pyrotechnic products during the staggeringly impressive display. Even more remarkable, the display was launched from the top of Edinburgh Castle, in a mind-boggling technical feat that absolutely wowed the 250,000 spectators gathered on Princes Street Gardens. People gathered in the local area and indeed, throughout the rest of the city, will have enjoyed a memorable display against the backdrop of Edinburgh’s most famous and historic landmark.

Classical choreography

One of the most staggering parts of the display was the impeccable timing of the choreography. The fireworks were perfectly timed to synchronise with a classical music concert performed by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. The orchestra is internationally celebrated, performing all over the world and known for the exceptional talent of its many musicians.

The concert was divided into two parts, the first starting at 9pm and the second reaching a climax with the start of the fireworks display. The Scottish Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Clark Rundell, performed a special selection of songs by Leonard Bernstein in the first half – including music from West Side Story.

The mood changed when the fireworks began at approximately 9.30pm, as the orchestra performed dramatic pieces from Gustav Holt’s The Planets, including famous works such as ‘Mars’, ‘Jupiter’ and ‘Venus’.

The finale – and ‘that’ waterfall

It’s a tough ask to find a fitting end for such a spectacular show, but organisers managed it perfectly with an enormous explosion of white glitter and gold around 200 metres off the grounds. Spectators were also in raptures about the ‘waterfall’ of fireworks that flowed down the castle rock, an extremely clever effect that can be tricky to pull off.

About the Edinburgh International Festival

It’s fitting that the fireworks display for the close of the Edinburgh International Festival was so spectacular, as it was a hugely successful year for the annual event. Hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over Scotland, the UK and the world descended on the Scottish capital for the arts festival. There were 85 productions across the three-week festival, putting on 180 performances across a variety of venues city wide. A total of 2,800 artists and performers from 60 countries took part in all.

Commenting on the event, the director of the EIF Fergus Linehan told the Aberdeen Evening Express:

“This year’s Virgin Money Fireworks Concert was absolutely amongst the best displays of its kind anywhere in the world.”

“As the 2018 International Festival draws to a close, we thank the many artists, staff members and audiences whose enthusiasm and tireless generosity make the festival possible.”

Looking to plan your own fireworks extravaganza?

If you’re holding an event and are looking for a fittingly fantastic finale, get in touch with the team at 1st Galaxy on 0115 8559000 to start planning your fireworks display.

What can a professional fireworks crew do for you?

There’s a world of difference between setting off some fireworks in your garden and hosting a professional managed display.

For most occasions, the former is all you need to mark a special event or host a party with close friends and family.  Professional displays are significantly more expensive than buying fireworks online and firing them yourself, but they do offer a huge number of benefits.

For occasions such as weddings, corporate events and those really big celebrations, it can be well worth spending extra to get the professionals in. But what do professional crews provide that you can’t do yourself? Here are just a few things for starters:

  1. Comprehensive insurance. So many people forget about insurance when planning fireworks events. But what happens if one of your fireworks damages a neighbour’s property, or if someone gets hurt and holds you responsible? These are the kinds of things that a good insurance policy can cover, and which comes as standard when you use a professional crew.
  2. A 100% safe display. Peace of mind is right up there with the top reasons to use a professional fireworks company. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the show in full confidence that an experienced, highly trained team is managing the display safely.
  3. Exceptional quality fireworks. The fireworks a professional crew use in their display won’t necessarily be the same ones that you can buy online. Professionals can use higher grade fireworks in their shows, some of which have simply incredible effects.
  4. Site management. A lot of work goes into site management, from choosing the site and planning a safe layout to supervising safety on the day. The professionals can handle all of this for you.
  5. Keeping an eye on the weather. Did you know that the weather can affect the quality of a fireworks display? Too much wind in the wrong direction can create an overly smoky show where the effects of the pyrotechnics are lost. A professional company use state-of-the-art resources to keep a close eye on the weather, so you can focus on planning other aspects of your event.
  6. Personalise the show. Want to choose the bride and groom’s favourite colours, include a favourite piece of music or use company branded colours? A professional designs the display from scratch, so they can include pretty much anything you like.
  7. Computer programming for split-second precision. This is technical work and requires a lot of skill, but it means that your show runs like clockwork.
  8. Make fireworks perform to music. You need time, experience, skill and a certain amount of specialist editing equipment to design a display that ‘dances’ to music, but the effect is spectacular.
  9. Create something truly unique and spectacular. Above all, a professional fireworks specialist can create that wow factor. If you really want to impress, it has to be a professional.

Need help with an upcoming fireworks event? Get in touch with the expert team at 1st Galaxy Fireworks, we’ll be happy to help.