5 of the best quiet fireworks

If you’re having a little celebration, or you just want to avoid annoying the neighbours, quiet fireworks are a good bet. Some types can also be used for special effects, to make a splash at corporate events like product launches, awards ceremonies and presentations.

But how do you know which are the quiet fireworks? For starters, all fireworks should have a decibel rating. When you shop with a specialist like 1st Galaxy Fireworks, you’ll also find another noise rating from 1 (Low Noise) all the way through to 5 (Mega Loud). This makes it easier to identify the low noise pyrotechnics.

Here’s our pick of 5 of the best quiet fireworks for all kinds of occasions:

  1. Topaz Fanned Falling Leaves Battery

This is one of the prettiest low noise fireworks, perfect for displays in larger back gardens in residential or built-up areas. This pack gives you 49 shots of coloured stars which drift gently down to earth. These Category 3 fireworks are rated 1 – Low Noise, giving you a sky full of green and red fan-shape stars to complement the rest of your display.

  1. Mixed Smoke Fountains

If you’re looking for a really different effect for your wedding photographs, why not try a smoke fountain? This pack of five colours – red, orange, blue, green and orange – is low noise and lasts around 40 seconds. It can be used for all kinds of occasions, from parties and music videos to big events.

  1. Strobe Bengal Fountain

This fascinating firework creates a super bright silver strobing effect as it burns, which illuminates the surroundings in a ‘spooky’ light. Needless to say, this is a perfect choice for Halloween. Each of this pack of 3 low-noise special effects lasts a full minute, so it’s a good value product. You’ll need to leave a safety distance of 8 metres between the firework and your spectator.

  1. Ice Fountains

Ice fountains are the perfect way to add some theatre and sparkle to that exciting moment the birthday cake is brought into the room at a party. The lights go down, everyone starts singing, but instead of candles – the cake is alight with fireworks!  These Category 1 fireworks are safe to use indoors, you just need to leave a safety distance of 1 metre. They are often used for birthdays, anniversaries and in restaurants and bars too.

  1. Roman Candles

This type of firework has been popular for centuries, and it’s great for all kinds of occasions. Choose this multi-shot pack of candles (4 x 10 shot) and get ready for colourful shells popping out of the tube one after another, with a delightfully suspenseful pause in between each one. These are Category 2 fireworks which only need a safety distance of around 8 metres, which makes them perfect for back garden displays. They offer a good height, great effects and hardly any noise – so your neighbours and their pets will be happy!

If you need any help choosing quiet fireworks, feel free to get in touch with the 1st Galaxy team for friendly, expert advice.