Can fireworks ever look good in the daytime?

Fireworks look incredible against the backdrop of a dark night sky. The colours and lights stand out beautifully, and you can see every star, sparkle and detail. But what about in the daytime – is it possible for fireworks to look great in daylight, or is it a waste of money?

Reasons to have daytime fireworks displays

There are lots of reasons why you may want or need to have a fireworks display in the day. In fact, there is a surprising demand for daytime displays.

Daytime fireworks are often used for corporate events, parties and product launches, as well as part of sporting celebrations – set off as the winners cross the finish line or take to the podium. You’ll also find them at fetes, fairs and community events, as well as weddings.

You may find that you have no choice but to set off your fireworks before it goes properly dark. A prime example of this is at the height of summer, where sunset isn’t until after 9pm or even later. If you’re planning a wedding or party at this time of year, you’ll need to be very mindful of both sunset times and local authority rules about setting off fireworks.

Family-friendly events may need to have their fireworks display earlier, before the kids go to bed. Meanwhile, other kinds of celebrations may need to start earlier due to concerns over upsetting neighbouring properties.

Special types of daytime fireworks

If you’re planning a daylight display, there’s good news. There’s a small but growing category of fireworks that are specially designed to be used in the daylight. These products focus on creating striking colour and a range of brilliant effects that don’t require the dark of the evening to really shine.

These fireworks can even be combined with other effects such as confetti projectors or mines and smoke fountains – all to create a surprisingly exciting daytime show.

Daytime displays can also be said to have one advantage over night-time shows, and this is the element of surprise. No one will be expecting pyrotechnics before it gets dark, so you can really pull off a spectacular surprise!

For an effective day display, call in the experts

While specialist daylight fireworks do exist, it can be difficult to pull off an amazing display without the contrast of the dark sky to play off. This is why it could be a good idea to call in the professionals, especially if you’re planning a corporate event that needs to impress.

Display experts such as the 1st Galaxy Fireworks team have ample experience in all kinds of displays, from large to small, day to night. They can help you to choose the right products, combine effects and produce a jaw-dropping daytime display that really is worth the money. Even better, they’ll clean everything up for you once it’s all over. You never know, daytime fireworks could really start to catch on!

To find out more about fireworks display planning with 1st Galaxy, get in touch.