DIY vs. professional wedding fireworks – how to make the best choice for your big day

Weddings can be expensive, no matter how hard you try to keep costs down. One of the most popular ways to save money is to handle some parts of the planning yourselves.

But does this DIY approach work for your wedding fireworks?  Let’s take a look at a few of the key things to consider ahead of your big day.

The venue

The first roadblock to your plans of throwing your own fireworks display could be the venue. Many venues will insist that you use a professional display organiser. DIY fireworks may not meet the requirements of their insurance policies, and venue owners may also be concerned about safety and potential damage to property – as well as the clean-up afterwards.

The benefit of using a professional company such as 1st Galaxy Fireworks is that we can liaise directly with the venue on your behalf. This means handling all of the communication about site plans, firing zones, setup and logistics. So you can get on with the other million or so items on your list!

On-the-day management

If you are getting hitched in a venue that permits DIY fireworks, consider carefully who will manage the display for you on the day. You’ll be relaxing and enjoying your big day, and your friends and family will want to do the same. The person (or ideally, the team) running the display will need to be responsible, safety-conscious and above all, sober. They won’t be able to have a drink until the display is over, which could be quite late on as your fireworks will be set off when it gets dark.

The quality of the display

When you work with professionals, they can use their expertise to plan a custom, pro quality show just for you. It’ll be well-paced, personalised and use the very best quality fireworks.

Will you get the same effect when you let the best man and groomsmen loose on a bunch of fireworks you’ve bought online? They may be good quality pyrotechnics, but will the display actually be any good? The last thing you want after spending money on fireworks are huge, excitement-dampening pauses, before a confusing cluster of firings, or even a smoky scene as fireworks are inexpertly lit.

This won’t be a great way to top off the best day of your life, and it’ll look terrible in your wedding photos.


The last but just as crucial thing to consider is safety. It would be catastrophic if something were to go wrong, or if someone was to get hurt. It could be worth spending just a little more on your wedding fireworks for the peace of mind that your display is being taken care of by trained, experienced professionals.

If you have any questions at all about wedding fireworks or are ready to start planning the big bangs for your big day, just give the 1st Galaxy team a call on 0115 8559000 or email