Ready for Bonfire Night 2019? Our last-minute tips for a spectacular (and safe) evening

Fireworks – check. Wood for the bonfire – check. Hot chocolate – check.

If you’re in charge of festivities for fireworks night 2019, you’re very nearly ready for an epic evening. But to make sure everything goes smoothly, safely and spectacularly, there are a final few things to add to your list.

Here’s our guide to those essential last-minute preparations…

Are your fireworks safely stored?

You don’t want anything to go wrong at the last minute, so it’s worth doing an extra check on your fireworks before the big night. They should be somewhere dry, away from sources of heat. It’s also crucial to keep them behind lock and key, and away from children.

Get a great pair of gloves

Unless we get an unseasonal heat wave, it’s definitely going to be cold on November 5th. Anyone involved in lighting fireworks and managing the display will need a great pair of gloves. They’ll need to keep you warm and provide protection from the pyrotechnics, but still offer full dexterity and range of movement.

Check the bonfire

If it’s been dry and your bonfire is already built, remember to check in case hedgehogs or other animals have nestled inside. Make sure the bonfire away from fences and trees, as these could accidentally be set alight.

You’ll need plenty of water for putting the fire out, and remember to tie hair up and avoid loose-fitting clothing as these can be a hazard. Bonfires should be supervised at all times.

Sparkler preparation

To make sure sparklers are used and put out safely, have some buckets of cold water available. You may also want to designate someone to supervise children using sparklers, making sure they wear gloves and don’t wave them too close to other people. Sparklers should never be put in pockets, and they aren’t recommended for the under-5s.

Check the weather

Rain doesn’t have to spoil your fun, but you will need to make some extra preparations to avoid a washout. Think about how you’ll keep fireworks dry and fire them in wet conditions – get in touch with the 1st Galaxy team if you need advice on this. And make sure spectators have somewhere to shelter to watch the show.

It’s also worth looking at the forecast for wind. The strength and direction of the wind will affect the fallout zone of your fireworks, which is where they will land. Your site should be planned with a safe fallout zone, one away from spectators, buildings and roads, and you wouldn’t want this to change if the wind picks up.

Read through the instructions one more time

Even if you’ve used fireworks many times before, it’s always a smart idea to give the safety and firing instructions a final read-through. If you’re unsure about anything, always seek advice well in advance so that you can be confident, competent and safe on the night.

For last-minute fireworks for Bonfire Night 2019, plus expert advice on running your own display, get in touch with 1st Galaxy Fireworks.