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How to spring a fireworks surprise

Want to throw a surprise fireworks display for a loved one? This can be a memorable way to pop the question, celebrate a wedding or simply give the gift of an amazing experience.

We’ve got all the tips you need to plan your surprise, keep it secret and make it truly special.

Check that the guest of honour likes surprises!

With any surprise party, there’s always the risk of it back-firing. Before you start your planning, make 100% sure that the person doesn’t mind surprises and that they won’t freak out if fireworks suddenly start going off. Surprised and a little awed is fine, mildly traumatised is absolutely not.

Get an accomplice

You won’t be able to pull off your surprise without a partner in crime. This important person will distract the guest of honour so they don’t see the surprise coming, as well as making an excuse to get them to the right place at the right time.

Keep your guests in the loop

So many surprises are spoiled because someone didn’t know it was supposed to be a secret, and accidentally let something slip. You need your guests on side, but you also need them to keep tight-lipped about your plans.

Concoct a cover story

You need a convincing reason for your guest of honour to be somewhere at a particular time. If it’s your wedding, this isn’t a problem. However, if it’s a surprise birthday party or you’re popping the question, you’ll need your accomplice to persuade the person that they’re actually going somewhere else for a different reason. They’ll need to believe it for the surprise to work.

You can even pull a little bluff. For example, tell your new bride that you know she wanted fireworks but you just couldn’t afford them – so you have just one symbolic firework to set off. Light the fuse, and watch her face as the whole sky erupts with light and colour as the real display starts. She’ll love it!

Get the venue on board

We’re afraid you’ll need even more conspirators if you want to pull off your big surprise. It’s very important to let the venue know what you’re planning, but you’ll also need their help to plan and execute it.

Bring in the professionals

It’s not impossible, but it is incredibly difficult, to pull off a secret fireworks display on your own. It’s recommended to consult a professional display planner like 1st Galaxy Fireworks, who can create a personalised show and plan it for you. This ensures that it looks gorgeous and crucially, professional – you don’t want your big surprise spoiled by amateur mistakes.

A team like 1st Galaxy can also sneak in and set up the display for you, starting it on your signal. Fireworks can be a difficult thing to hide, so it can be very helpful to have a professional team who’ve done this kind of thing before. We don’t mind hiding in the bushes if it means bowling your loved one over with a special surprise!

Get in touch on 0115 8559000 if you’ve got a crafty surprise plan in mind, we’ll be happy to help.

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