How to create your own personalised pyromusical

What’s better than a jaw-dropping fireworks display? One set to music, of course! A pyromusical display can charge simple light and sound effects with real drama and emotion, turning a normal fireworks show into something truly memorable. Audiences absolutely love it.

What’s even more special about fireworks set to music is that they are perfect for personalisation. You can create your own bespoke pyromusical to add a personal touch to weddings and birthdays, as well as corporate events when you want to tailor the display to your brand and message.

Here’s how a personalised pyromusical comes together…

It’s all about the song

Unfortunately, not all pieces of music are suitable for soundtracking a fireworks display. Some may not be upbeat or punchy enough, while others may not offer the moments of musical emphasis that a pyromusical needs. An experienced display designer such as the team at 1st Galaxy Fireworks can advise you on whether or not your chosen song will work well, as well as mixing your music to make it more suitable for the display. Choose your song carefully, remembering that those that work best include:

  • Fast, high energy songs
  • Famous classical pieces of music – for example, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy or Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries
  • Power ballads and slower, dramatic songs
  • Themed songs – for example, Prince’s Purple Rain or Yellow by Coldplay where firework colours can be themed to match
  • Music that features timing to the beat
  • Songs which change tempo mid-way through – perfect for varying the display and creating drama and anticipation.

If you’re designing a display for your wedding, go for a song that has personal meaning for you and your spouse. It’s helpful if your audience is familiar with the music, and be careful with songs that feature swearing if you’re aiming for a family-friendly show.

Designing the display

Unless you’re a fireworks professional, you’ll find it difficult to plan a pyromusical display yourself. Both firework selection and timing need to be perfect to make it work, so you’ll need to call in an expert such as 1st Galaxy. The good news is that with your input, a professional can make use of the latest software and their own years of experience to create a bespoke display that matches the music. You can choose the colours and advise of your favourite fireworks, and of course you’ll have chosen the music. Once you’re happy with the display, you can even choose to be the one to start the whole thing off – pressing the button that will electronically fire the first firework on the night.

Further options for personalisation include customised fire writing, so for weddings the names of the happy couple can be emblazoned in the sky. You can even have the faces of bride and groom appear in the sky – a truly spectacular effect!

If you want to take control of your big night and help to design a bespoke pyromusical display, contact the 1st Galaxy Fireworks team to discuss your ideas.