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A Pyro Musical Firework Display is the Pinnacle


It’s fair to observe that firework displays are now as big as they’ve ever been, and we’re not just talking about the size. Although, in the last few years they just got bigger and bigger, with the wealth of The Middle East presenting World Record Breaking Displays.

What we mean is that Fireworks are more popular with audiences across the globe than ever before, just switch on the TV on New Years Day and browse the news to see which country or capital city around the world brought the New Year in with an epic display. But there is one common factor with virtually all of these displays…..

They are all choreographed to music, and fired using very sophisticated electronics and equipment that bring split second control to the finger tips of the display designer and pyrotechncians.

Having your own firework display set to music might be more affordable than you think. Whether its a wedding or an anniversary, or perhaps a business product launch or client party; adding music and choreography to a display will completely transform the outcome.

The Benefits


  1. The display is guaranteed to be completely bespoke: not one single Pyro Musical display is ever the same, the music, the venue, the party theme and the budget are all factors that will alter a display. But the music presents rules to the designer to follow; change the music and you change the design.


  1. You can make it completely personal: added to the bespoke feel is the fact that the music will mean something very personal to you. For example at a wedding firework display you might choose a piece of music or selection of tracks that both bride and groom share in their favourite playlists. It can also add a dimension of emotion, and we’ve seen many customers brought to tears at a display – and all for the right reasons.


  1. The music dictates the ambiance of the display: The music is also perfect to set the scene, it can help the firework designer match the mood of the occasion, whether it be young, upbeat and dancy music, classical music that’s powerful and dramatic or soft ambient music that’s moody and dreamy, all of it works brilliantly, and mixing it up can be even better.


  1. It’s also entertainment in itself which draws an audience together: The music is in itself entertaining, folks might not be huge firework display fans, but add a piece of music that they’re familiar with and their feet are tapping and they are guaranteed to get caught up in the flow. The music helps add anticipation and the Fireworks help to quench that thirst of anticipation. Young or old, the music ensures that people have a connection with what’s happening, and a good designer will connect the music to the audience with Fireworks.

So there are four obvious reasons to add music to your firework display, and there are many more beyond this as well. And more than ever now its affordable and you get the real deal. Companies like ours are making leaps and bounds in firing technology with computers at the heart of delivering the vision of the designer.

New improved equipment along with a wider variety of fireworks, safer working practices and years and years of knowledge earned and gained has led to making delivering Pyro Musical Displays both easier and costing less.




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    Pls could you give us a quote for fireworks at our wedding

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