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Greek Churches unleash Easter Firework Battle

This story has always been a great symbol of just how extensively used fireworks are around the world. There are an infinite number of celebrations and memorable dates the world over which Fireworks are used for. Of course we’re all used to seeing the New Years Day round up, where major cities the world over competes for our TV sets.

Greek Church 1

Picture From The Daily mail

Every large sporting occasion, and in fact smaller more intimate sporting occasions also use Fireworks and Pyrotechnics to add drama and entertainment to the matches. However this is one of the more unusual uses of Fireworks

Chios Rocket War

Easter time is one of the holiest on the Orthodox Calendar, but as you can see from the video footage below in the link (from YouTube) its not necessarily a time for quiet thoughts and reflection, or at least not for the locals of Vrondados on the Greek Isle of Chios. In a mock war the two parish of Agios Markos and the Panagia Erthiani fire hundreds, if not thousands of rockets at each other. The main aim is to hit the side of the Bell Tower, The first Team to do this wins.

Greek Church 3

Winning the ‘Rouketopolemos, also know as the ‘Rocket War’ is also contentious and it seems that the real winner is never really agreed upon. Of course the real winner is the act itself, because no victor is decided it has to be repeated the following year.

Greek Orthodox Easter

The tradition is very old indeed and dates back to the Ottoman days, but the real origins of the ritual are not fully understood. Its now a worldwide attraction, and people flock from far and wide to the small, quiet village to pay witness to the awesome sight.

We would add though, this is definitely not the way to use rockets, and although it looks very entertaining its not without its list of injuries each year. We decided not to show these pictures though

See The Video from YouTube here –

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