How quiet fireworks can be incredibly beautiful

For some people, fireworks just wouldn’t be fireworks unless they’re LOUD. The earth-vibrating, bass-filled booms and bangs of a pyrotechnics display are what make fireworks so incredibly exciting, and the louder the better.

However, not everyone appreciates the noise that fireworks make. Considerate organisers are aware that fireworks can irritate residents and neighbours of display sites if proper measures aren’t taken, and pets can have a really tough time on Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve.

A closer look at quiet fireworks

You may be surprised to learn that there is such a category in the pyrotechnics world as quiet fireworks. At 1st Galaxy Fireworks, we have a wide choice of fireworks that have a noise rating of just 1, which indicates low noise.

These fireworks – which include everything from cakes and candles to every wonderful kind of fountain – make just a fraction of the noise of normal pyrotechnics. You need not think that they are any less exciting though, as the makers of quiet fireworks go to a special effort to ensure that their products create extraordinarily beautiful effects to compensate.

For example, you can find glittering waterfall or hypnotic falling leaves battery fireworks, which produce gorgeous effects perfect for romantic occasions such as weddings. Fountains are another popular choice in the quiet category, as they come in such a staggering variety of different types. Take your pick from gold or silver conic fountains, dancing fountains, multi-coloured crackling plume fountains and many more.

Most are suitable for use in the garden and best of all, they won’t annoy the neighbours with their noise. You get all of the wonderful colour, just a touch of sizzle and crackle, all of the excitement – but none of the terrifying booms and bangs.

When quiet fireworks are an ideal choice

There are many times when low noise rating fireworks could be just what you’re looking for, to keep everyone happy and enjoy a mesmerising display. Examples include:

  • Summer night-time events. In summer, it gets dark much later. Fireworks are best in the dark as we all know, as you can appreciate the effects against a dark backdrop. If you’re holding a display in summer, you may have to wait until later in the evening until it goes dark. Provided you’re still within the time period approved by your local authority, you can hold a quiet firework display as soon as it goes dark and not upset anyone who has to be up early the next morning.
  • Displays in built-up areas (with lots of pets nearby). If you’re worried about upsetting neighbours or are an animal lover worried about all those terrified cats and dogs in the neighbourhood, quiet fireworks can ease your conscience.
  • Out of season events. Everyone expects a lot of noise around NYE and Bonfire Night, but firework noise can be an unwanted surprise at other times of year.

To find out more about quiet fireworks or to shop our collection, head over to the 1st Galaxy Quiet Fireworks page.