How to plan a fireworks display for children

Fireworks lighting up the sky in Hannover

Children love fireworks, and seeing the look of pure joy on their faces makes it well worth putting on a display just for the kids. However, if you want a kids fireworks display to go well, there are a few crucial things to remember.

Don’t keep everyone waiting around

Adults may be prepared to hang around a bit for a fireworks display to start, but children just don’t have the patience. If you don’t want a field of screaming youngsters on your hands, make sure you start your display on time or have a few good distractions ready.

Include sparklers… but carefully!

Children go crazy for sparklers; they just love them. So, with your display, feel free to include some before the fireworks get going, but remember to give a quick safety lesson beforehand and watch all the kids throughout. Sparklers can be dangerous to eyes and skin, so they shouldn’t be treated as a toy.

Get the noise level just right

When it comes to fireworks, some children won’t be happy until they’ve heard a few satisfyingly loud bangs and cracks. However, you should bear in mind that not all children will like loud noises in your display, particularly younger children. If you have any little ones at your display, make sure you keep the very loud noises to a minimum, or maybe put the louder fireworks at the end of the display so you’ve got time to usher toddlers inside or slip some ear protectors on them.