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Setting up your first fireworks show? 5 rookie mistakes to avoid


If you’re brand new to the world of running fireworks displays, there’s a lot to learn. Everyone thinks it’s as easy as lighting the fuse and standing back, but it actually requires a little preparation to create an amazing display. Here are five basic mistakes to avoid, some of which can simply be embarrassing while others can be dangerous. Take heed!

Mistake #1: Not bringing a spare lighter

You’ve got your lighter, matches or torch all ready to start your display, but what if it’s run out of gas? What if it’s been rained or won’t work for another reason? At the very least you’ll need to delay the show for a few minutes while you find another. It isn’t catastrophic, but it is a very embarrassing amateur mistake.

Mistake #2: Setting up in the dark

To run a successful fireworks show, follow this very simple rule – set up in the day, set off at night. Daylight allows you to set up your fireworks safely and according to your plan, and you’ll also be aware of any unevenness or obstacles on the ground. You don’t want to be discovering these at night!

Mistake #3: Buying suspiciously cheap fireworks

So, you come across an incredible deal online or in a local shop. You buy your fireworks, save lots of money and look forward to the big day. Unfortunately, when you try to light these mega cheap fireworks, all you get is clouds of smoke that obscure the effects and send all spectators coughing. Some fireworks won’t light or go off, while others do things that surprise you – and not in a good way. It’s not really worth saving a few pounds for if your display is ruined, is it? Always buy quality, certified fireworks from a reputable supplier. For example, 1st Galaxy Fireworks is a member of the British Pyrotechnists Association, the UK’s Association for Professional Firework Display Companies.

Mistake #4: Not having a safety plan in place

A good display is a safe display. Not having a safety plan, and the right safety equipment in place, means that you aren’t prepared if the worst should happen. For example, if something catches fire, you’d be able to extinguish it quickly and easily with a fire extinguisher. If a firework doesn’t seem to light properly and looks like it may be dangerous, you’d be able to drop it in a bucket of water until it’s safe to handle. Without these simple measures, easy-to-fix problems can turn into bigger, potentially dangerous issues.

Mistake #5: Accidentally setting off all your fireworks at once

If you haven’t properly read the instructions, communicated with your team or created a firing order, you could end up accidentally setting everything off at once. This is not only devastatingly disappointing for your audience (who will be treated to just 2-3 minutes of a display) but it can also be very dangerous.

Plan properly and you’ll have a great display! Remember that if you need advice, the experts at 1st Galaxy Fireworks will be happy to help.

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