Wedding fireworks – a guide to planning picture-perfect pyrotechnics  

Summer wedding season is here, which means a flurry of sunset fireworks displays marking the close of a thousand special days. If you’re currently hunkered down planning your own big day, fireworks are an important consideration.

Here are 6 crucial points to remember when planning your own show-stopping wedding fireworks display:

  1. Consider the season

If you’re holding a summer wedding (in summer 2019, for example) you’ll need to keep an eye on what time it gets dark. A sunset fireworks display can be extremely beautiful, but you may also want to wait until it gets properly dark – without it being so late that you fall foul of local authority rules. Timing is crucial with this one!

  1. Will your guests be able to appreciate your fireworks?

This is another point about timing. If you stick with tradition and wait until the end of the night for your display, will your guests (and the happy couple themselves) be in a fit state to really enjoy them? If you’re concerned about spending money on entertainment that may not be fully appreciated, perhaps hold your display earlier in the day. It can be an unusual surprise to have fireworks in the daytime, such as when the newlyweds are first announced to their guests or following a reception toast.

  1. How long should the display be?

This largely depends on budget, but you should also think about value as well as the comfort of your guests. For example, if you’re planning a December wedding, you don’t want to keep your freezing guests outside for too long.

  1. Is your venue happy with fireworks?

Not all venues permit fireworks so you should always check very early in the planning process, especially if you’ve chosen a more unusual venue in which to tie the knot.

  1. Check in with your photographer

Capturing fireworks on film is not as easy as you may think, and most people who try end up with blurred, over-exposed images unless they have the right experience and equipment. Professional wedding photographers should be able to do a decent job though, so have a chat beforehand so that your photographer can make their plans. You may even want to shop around for photographers with this in mind.

A final point to consider on this is that not all photographers stay into the night, with many clocking off after the first dance. If you’d like the photographer to capture the display, you’ll need to make arrangements (and set some budget aside) in advance.

  1. Who will manage the display?

We’d always advise getting someone in to manage the fireworks display if it’s a wedding. You and your guests will want to relax and have a drink, and it goes without saying that people who’ve had alcohol shouldn’t be anywhere near fireworks.

It’s usually best to leave the responsibility of running a beautiful, safe display to the professionals. Just give the 1st Galaxy team a call on 0115 8559000 if you’d like to discuss options for your wedding fireworks.