What to do if a firework doesn’t go off (and what not to do)

1st Galaxy Fireworks

You’ve spent weeks and months planning the perfect fireworks display and the big night has finally arrived. The audience is in thrills of anticipation as the first firework is lit. But what if it doesn’t go off?

A fizzled-out firework can be an anti-climax to say the least, but what should you do to stay safe and save the show if the unthinkable happens? And how can you stop it happening in the first place? Let’s take a look at what to do, and what not to do, if a firework doesn’t go off.

Do not approach the firework

Your first instinct when a firework doesn’t go off is to pop back for another look. This is absolutely the worst thing to do, as it could suddenly go off unexpectedly and cause you very serious injury. People have suffered burns and other injuries by returning to a firework in this way. They imagine they can simply relight it, but you just can’t take the risk that the firework could suddenly go off.

Leave it overnight and Soak it in water

The best way to deal with a ‘dud’ firework is to leave it until the end of the night. As long as it’s safe to do so and you have enough space to relocate the firing zone, you can carry on with the rest of your display. Just remember to avoid that area completely, and you could even tape or mark it off so that spectators don’t stray near. Before the end of the night, completely soak the firework in water from a safe distance and then completely submerge it in water for as long as you can. However it is not permissible to throw live or part fired fireworks into a natural water source, such as a river, or pond, in order to avoid any contamination by the explosive powders contained inside, so please avoid doing this.

In the morning

The next day, you can either take it to the local landfill so long as the firework you soaked the night before is completely wet through and has been rendered useless so far as being able to be ignited again, or it is permissible to dispose of with your household domestic rubbish. You can also call fireworks experts such as the 1st Galaxy Fireworks team for advice on the next step to take.

How to avoid ‘dud’ fireworks

When you buy from a reputable supplier selling certified, quality approved products, you shouldn’t have a problem with dud fireworks. If you buy cheap, you usually get what you pay for. Fireworks sold on websites that lack credibility or are offered at bargain basement prices can produce a lot of smoke, may misfire or may fail to go off altogether. Buy quality and you won’t need to worry about fireworks that don’t go off.

Other ways to avoid dud fireworks in the future include:

  • Always storing fireworks in a safe, dry space and in their original UN packaging boxes, and do not drop or miss handle them.
  • Checking the sell-by date on fireworks – for example, if you’ve bought them from somewhere dodgy or you’re unsure of the age of the fireworks
  • Read all instructions about safe and correct lighting of fireworks.

Remember, if you ever need help with buying, storing or lighting fireworks, the 1st Galaxy team are on hand to help. We’re passionate about firework fun and safety, so we’re the ideal place to turn if you have a question or need some advice. Just get in touch – call on 0115 8559000 or email sales@1stgalaxy.co.uk.